Atmospheric effects


Creating the mood

The effects that create a certain mood, but go usually unnoticed, are called Atmosphere. Usually it’s in a form of weather, but it can also be achieved by adding a little bit extra to the surroundings.

Wind, snow, rain, smoke, fog, dust, frost, storm, steam and lightening can all be achieved at any time of the year by using atmospheric special effects. We have hundreds of square meters filled with special atmospheric equipment ready for use on your next project.






Whatever wind effect you are trying to achieve, we’ll be happy to talk through options and considerations.

We have a broad selection of wind machines, turbines and blowers we use for various effects, so we would be happy to help out whether it’s creating a small breeze or a hurricane force wind.





Creating snow special effects is complicated; there are many snow products available, but there is an infinitely wider variety of snow.

Our products can deliver any kind of snow, giving great realism on their own or blended with real snow, and so far have worked in any application or environment.





There is great flexibility in how we mix smoke effects, meaning you can have the feeling and look that you want.

By using pyrotechnics we can even create your choice of colored smoke. All our interior and the majority of exterior smoke effects are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.





Rain effects can be an essential part for the mood your film. Rain comes in loads of versions, so you just have to take your pick.

Our rain effects equipment can create a rainy environment or provide continuity for scenes started in real rain that has stopped!