All the extra stuff

Do you need something extra for your production, to make it look more authentic, or the scene, to make it more dynamic? At FX team, we are constantly expanding our product line and we always strive for excellence.

Would you like to know something more about our products, do you need to know if it’s available or how much it costs? Please give us a call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





Dust / Dirt

Can be used anywhere where you need dust and/or dirt, whether making things look old or dirty, or for pimping up a few explosions.




Smoke / Fog / Haze

We have all the equipment you need to create fog-, haze- or steam effect. Everything from a warm cup of coffee to a big landscape.




Fire extinguishers

We have various fire extinguishers for rent, such as water, C02 and powder. They are all very user friendly.




Ice / Frost / Snow

We have everything you might need to give your scene a snowy or icy look. Everything from small portions to large bags of the desired effect.




General stuff

Earplugs, gaffa tape, all kinds of blood, breakable glass, robes, confetti, fuses, batterys, police tape, cable ties and a lot more.




Pyro expendables

Friction tape, flash paper, fuses, ropes, smoke, dust, powder, loom tape and all the tools you might need.





Wires, cable cutters, adapters, mats, tapes and everything else you need for the spectacular setup.




Crew gear

Dust masks, earplugs, wire strippers, lights, safety glasses, clothing, gloves and all the other stuff that secures the safety of your crew.