Rhino Warrior / SWAT


Rhino Warrior supplies the Scandinavian movie/TV industry with tactical training for actors and stunt-people alike

Furthermore we cover all your general purpose SWAT needs for your next production.

Our Services include tactical weapons training, psychology lessons, and general support including specialty “extras” such as on-screen SWAT and police officers.


What We become - Christian Geisnæs-2


Tactical  combat skills for the movie business

Our Rhino Warriors represent professional, experienced advisors and instructors from both the Danish police and army special forces  with experience in tactical combat skills and the movie business.





It is the training, knowledge and experience that insure a professional, authentic and up-to date product for your production.




Need SWAT extras? – Look no more

Even though our Rhino warriors look scary – they are an absolute treat to work with, and is the professional sound choice for any production looking for SWAT “extras” or general guidance in the world of special forces, SWAT teams, police and military.