We have a wide variety of special effects products relevant to any pyrotechnic job or technic. Please contact us if you have any specific product that you are searching for – We have most in stock !



Fire Extinguishers

Pyrotechnics are the most dangerous effects to preform. Although we always approach the task with great care and provide all the necessary information and training, the danger is always present. We insist that our clients always have fire prevention at hand. We have various fire extinguishers for rent and they are all extremely user friendly.



Fire gel

The fire gel is used to create a great flame effect by firing up a larger area, like a wall, car, floor or the ground. With proper handling it’s very safe to use. However we only sell it to professionals, that have proper training and knowledge.




Intensive world-class weatherproof matches with long burning time. They are actually a firework akin to sparklers producing a relatively long-burning, coloured flame.



Bullet impacts

Squibs are widely used by special effects artists in the film industry to simulate bullet impacts on bodyparts or inanimate objects. Items such as sand, soil or wood splinters may be attached to the squib to simulate the “splash” that occurs when bullets pierce different materials.