Firearm accessories

Is the firearm enough? Wouldn’t it be nice to pimp it up a little and add some accessories to make the scene look even more realistic?

Our selection consists of ammunition, magazines, holsters, lasers, pistol lights, silencers, flashlights, scopes, tripods, bayonets and bandoliers, among other things.




Law enforcement / military accessories

We have all the right stuff you might need for your action scene, even the uniforms along with all the small stuff that comes with them.

Give us a call if you need holsters, restraints, lights, radios, optics, armors, badges, vests, helmets, belts or even something else.




Other accessories

Our inventory is filled with various props and other exiting things, f.ex. props for surveillance, various cases, communications and shields.

If you are missing something on our list, please give us a call, or even drop by and take a look at what we have. We always have a nice warm cup of coffee.


Police Accessories

Military Accessories