Fire & Pyro


All about fire, sparks & explosions

With over 15 years of experience FX team can provide our customers with all kinds of pyrotechnics, everything from a small spark to huge explosions in buildings and cars.

Pyrotechnics are one of the most exciting types of special effects, but also the most dangerous one. Our specialists can provide you with the safest and most impressive pyrotechnics in no time. We guarantee that all the proper safety measures are taken on the set to ensure everyone’s safety.






Explosions often appear as one large bang, however running large pyrotechnic effects as smaller, controlled explosions milliseconds apart, minimises shock waves and ground vibration.

This prevents structural damage to surroundings, improves safety and allows for creativity within the explosions themselves. Only the mind sets limits to what’s possible to do with explosions.





Sparks come in all shapes, types and sizes, wether there’s need for an electrical spark, bright white stars, a cascade of sparks, directional sparks with smoke, or a burst of silver sparks, we have it all.

Most sparks, sometimes also called gerb, consist of a sufficiently strong and non-flammable container to hold the pyrotechnic compound, but the danger is still very present, and should therefore only be handled by a pyrotechnican.





Flames and fire can be crucial to obtain the desired effect. Need to burn something? We love burning stuff, and we are really good at burning everything, from buildings to men and machines.

Our team is extremely experienced in providing real fire special effect, and we can also guide you on how to guaranty safety but still retain your creative freedom. Our gear helps us create realistic effect, so there’s less need for CGI.





Want to shoot somebody? Squibs are used to simulate bullet impacts. Items such as sand, soil or wood splinters may be attached to the squib to simulate the “splash” that occurs when bullets pierce different materials.

In situations where explosives cannot be used, we can offer compressed air packs, which are coupled with small balloons filled with fake blood and often other materials to simulate shattered bone and tissue.