Blank firing guns

Blank Firing Guns are available in single, double, or semi-automatic. They fire blank cartridges that simulate the sound, flash and action of live firing guns, but quieter options are available upon request.

The specially designed blank firing guns are not completely harmless, but they really increase the margin of safety as they cannot be loaded with live ammunition, but still provide the dramatic effect.




Replica guns

Replica Guns are non-firing authentic-looking duplicate of actual firearms. These props don’t fire blanks but some models have moving parts. Replica prop guns are available in various materials, such as soft foam.

Because of laws and regulations, real guns as props requires a lot of paperwork and time, hence replicas are often preferred to real firearms when used in a film or stage performance, generally for safety reasons.




Non guns

Non Guns are special replicas that fire electronic charges, simulating the sound and flash of a live firearm. Silent options are available upon request. Muzzleflash is typically added during post production.

All of them are 1:1 perfect replicas, many even with the 100% correct markings and stamps, which look and feel like the real thing, however they typically do not have many moving parts other than the trigger and recoil mechanism.




Soft stunt guns

Our soft foam props are expertly moulded from a real gun and look extremely realistic on film or stage, only when holding the prop in your hand, you are aware that it’s soft and very lightweight.

Soft stunt guns are typically used in action scenes, where use of the real versions could cause serious damage or injury to an actor or crew. These highly realistic rubber and foam guns look very good, even on Ultra HD video.