Other weapons




Edged weapons

Our collection of safe edged weapons include various prop knives, spears, axes and swords. They look quite real, but are safe to use. Note that they are only to be used as props.

We have custom designed and produced props for film & TV productions, so if you want something special, we can custom design the items to meet your scripted requirements.




Bows & Arrows

Bows, arrows and cross bows is among many other props we have to offer. If we don’t have what you are thinking about, we can certainly make it for you.

The explosive props we have look really realistic, but of course they won’t penetrate the skin as they are made from foam and plastic, thus completely harmless.





Clubs, bats, brass knuckles, chains, hammers, bottles, crowbars, maces and bricks is just an example of what FX team can provide you and your production.

Only the imagination sets limits to what we’re capable of making as prop weapons, so if you have a great idea give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help.